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How ChatGPT Works

So the way chatgpt works is, it has a enormous dataset which is basically the entirety of the internet, every book in the world, and every research paper in the world, combined. This helps it understand the meanings of words and how they are typically used together.

When you send it a message, it breaks it down into individual words, and then uses its dataset to predict the next most likely words of phrases that should follow.

So for example, if you ask it, “can you explain gravity?”, it will figure out that the words “can you” is a request, explain is describing something in detail, and gravity is a scientific concept. Gravity is well described on the internet and in books, so it is able to retrieve that information from its dataset, and then provide it to you.

In a lot of ways, it’s a glorified search engine, with very good natural language processing and writing skills. What makes it different from similar apps in the past, is that its dataset is way bigger, about 1600x bigger, than anything that was used before, and it costs millions of dollars to create and continue training that dataset.

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