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ChatGPT is an amazing LLM-based chatbot. In a lot of ways, it’s a glorified internet search engine, with very good natural language processing and writing skills.

Biggest Advance Since Google

In my opinion, the 3 biggest increases to an individual's potential power in the last 40 years, were the following inventions:

  • The Internet
  • Google
  • ChatGPT

The Internet allows us to share information. Google lets you sift through that information. And ChatGPT synthesizes that information into real, usable solutions.

Roman Sheydvasser 2023/08/30 16:26

Harnessing ChatGPT

Harnessing ChatGPT is all about knowing the right questions to ask.

For example, in August 2023 I was fired from my job. Since making money is an important part of life, I knew I would need to find a new source of income.

Now, I could simply ask ChatGPT, “what's a good source of income?” And it would provide various answers to me I could then verify and follow.

However, I already had an idea for a source of income. I liked the idea of teaching others to use ChatGPT effectively, and I knew people make money off creating educational content, so I asked ChatGPT, “How can I teach people to use AI and make money off it?”

ChatGPT then provided me a guide for how I could do this, and all I have to do is follow that guide.

Now, let's say there is something in that guide I don't understand. For example, maybe ChatGPT suggests I “Create Blog Posts and Articles,” but I don't know how. At any point, I can ask ChatGPT for more details, such as “how do I create blog posts?” or “what's a good platform that I can use for publishing blog posts?”

Hopefully this demonstrates a bit about how harness the power of ChatGPT.

Copy and Paste to Rich Text

ChatGPT copies to markdown format by default. If you want the rich text visible in the chat window, you can copy the markdown output to VSCode, view the rich text version in the preview pane (CMD+K, then V), and copy and paste the output from the preview pane.

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